Residential Wildfire Damage Claims

Wildfires have gotten bigger and more frequent in recent years and damage homes, businesses and other structures, leaving homeowners with catastrophic and expensive losses. There is no reason that the homeowner or property owners have to pay for repairs or deal with unreasonable insurance companies who try to underestimate the losses.

We work as your advocate throughout the claims process.

Fire and smoke may have caused partial damage to the property and water damage may be other damage the property. There may have been water drop by helicopter or water used as one of the method to fight the wildfire and fire on the property. If your home completely or partially burned there may be details in your insurance policy as to what will be covered and what will excluded on your policy. Details such as maximum payment per tree, other structures and what is considered other structure, maximum payment for additional living expenses and many more.

As a public adjuster we work only for you and we are your advocate for the maximum recovery.

What is the status of your loss or claim?

Did you just discover damages to your Residential Property and have not reported the claim yet?
Do you have a Residential Property Claim that you feel was not adequately paid?
Do you think your Residential Property Claim has been wrongfully denied?

Hiring Capital Recovery Group Inc means having a claim advocate by your side that will ensure maximum claim recovery in the shortest amount of time.

Whatever the size of your claim or property damage once you engage with our services, as your claims advocate we will:

  • Evaluate existing insurance policies in order to determine what coverage may be applicable to a claim.
  • Research, detail, and substantiate damage to buildings and contents. Detailed inventory of furniture and contents.
  • Photograph and document all damages.
  • Give notice to your insurance carrier about the loss by Letter of Representation.
  • Determine values for settling covered damages. Prepare scope and content valuation.
  • Prepare complete inventories of business property, detailed unit cost recronstruction estimates of property damages.
  • Prepare, document, and support the claim on behalf of the insured.
  • Attend all meetings and inspections with your insurance company or its representatives.
  • Negotiate maximum settlement with the insurance company on behalf of an insured with your consent.


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