Thank you for contacting California Recovery Group for your Smoke Damage Settlement. Please read the following literature to understand the settlement process.

What is smoke contamination?

Smoke contamination is residual damage caused by smoke, soot, ash, debris, and fire retardant chemicals that are emitted by wildfires and carried over by the wind. This type of contaminant may cause corrosive damage to your property and personal belongings over time without proper mitigation. Smoke contaminants are invisible to the naked eye and require expert evaluation to properly assess the damage.

Microscopic Images of Smoke Contamination

How much is an average settlement?

Not all property owners qualify for a settlement. Settlements can vary depending on the location, cause, and extent of the damage. Here are few examples of settled cases:

Do I have any out of pocket costs?

We dont’ get paid unless your case is settled. There are no upfront fees, and/or out of pocket expenses, and no costs charged to the client.

What we do...

We are a consumer advocacy group protecting property owner’s rights to recover funds belonging to policyholders. In most cases; these funds are withheld from property owners without professional representation.

Property owners are typically unaware of their rights because the damages are:

A) Invisible to the naked eye
B) Insignificant to an untrained eye
C) Unaware it was a covered loss

As licensed public adjusters it’s our duty to protect your rights per California Department of Insurance consumer protection guidelines.

Does my property qualify?

We schedule specialists to conduct a free onsite inspection to determine whether or not your property qualifies.

How does this process work?

Step 1

Call 844-921-2008 to start your settlement process.

Step 2

Allow our team of professionals to negotiate a settlement on your behalf. 

Step 3

Receive a fair and equitable settlement.


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